Disassembly of Super Mario Land

I finally got bored enough to work on disassembling Super Mario Land. And looking at this game, it's amazing to see such winderful code mixed with such amateur code. This game has routines that could have been easily written better, and has some routines written very nicely. I haven't gotten very far with this disassembly, but the game is fairly small, only 64K, 4 banks of code and data. Please note that I DO own a Super Mario Land cartridge, and I am disassembling my own personal backup, not a ROM I downloaded from the internet. (not that it means much to anyone)

FFL3 Title Screen FFL3 Battle Screen

Super Mario Land Info
by DuoDreamer
Version 0.1
July 2003

Newbie Note:
The gameboy has a very finite address space, so it uses a paged 
memory system to access large amounts of ROM space. These pages 
are 16Kbytes (16384 bytes) in size, and the first page (bank 0) 
is always located in the first 16K of the GB's address space. 
Each additional 16K page can be switched in to the second 16K 
of address space in the GB. Since the first page (bank 0) is 
always available, and not switchable, it contains the main 
program. Each of the additional banks contains graphics, music, 
data, etc.

00000-03FFF Bank 0: main program code

04000-07FFF Bank 1: data 

08000-0BFFF Bank 2: data

0C000-0FFFF Bank 3: data


Super Mario Land Game Credits:

(c)1989 Nintendo Co. Ltd.


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